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What is the classification of silicon carbide products?

What is the classification of silicon carbide products?

Issue Time:2017-12-29

Silicon carbide products can be classified according to SIC content, binder type and an additional amount. The performance of the material depends largely on the bonding condition of the SiC particles in the material. Therefore, silicon carbide products are classified into the following categories according to the type of binder.

1. Oxidation bonded silicon carbide: Al2O3-SiO2 series silicate as the binding phase, including clay, mullite and SiO2 bonded SiC.

2. Nitride-bonded SiC: covalent bonding compounds such as phase Si3N4Si2N2O.
3. Self-bonded SiC: Including β-SiC bonded SiC and uncrystallized SiC.
4. Salicaceae Silicon carbide SiC:: SiC and free silicon consisting of a SiC quality of engineering ceramics.
In addition, refractory product having a SiC content of 50% or less is generally referred to as a semi-SiC quality product.