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How many kinds of SIC seals do you know?

How many kinds of SIC seals do you know?

Update Time:2017-09-07

In today’s world, Silicon Carbide products are ubiquitous. Not only because of its variety, but also because the product’s performance is very well, can be used in various fields.

The definition of SIC product is various. There’s no unified view. But we can ensure the material is silicon carbide, and the product made by a different process. Silicon carbide products can be divided into many categories, according to different use of the environment, products can be divided into different types. Generally used to the mechanics. For example, the product that used on mechanical seals can be called a silicon carbide seal ring, and also can be separated into stationary ring, rotary ring, flat ring and so on. Based on the special requirements of customers, we can produce a variety of shapes of silicon carbide products, such as silicon carbide shaped pieces, silicon carbide plate, silicon carbide ring and etc.

Therefore, the definition of silicon carbide products is largely based on materials and specifications to explain.