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Why do we add silicon carbide into paint and coating?

Why do we add silicon carbide into paint and coating?

Update Time:2017-09-07

Theadvantages of adding silicon carbide into paint and coating are as following:

1 less consumption of resin/hugepotential for adding resin: Because in any shapes, the spherical surface hasthe smallest specific surface area, the demand for resin is also the least. Theaccumulation of particles has also been improved. The wide particle sizedistribution of the silicon carbide ceramic microparticles allows smallmicrospheres to be filled into the voids between the large microspheres. As aresult: high addition, high solids content, lower VOC and reduced amount ofother ingredients

2 low viscosity/ improve liquidity: unlikeirregularly shaped particles, silicon carbide ceramic powder tend to rollbetween each other. This makes the use of silicon carbide ceramic powder systemhas a low viscosity, better liquidity. Moreover, the sprayability of the systemis also improved

3 hardness/wear-resistant: Siliconcarbide ceramic powder is a high strength, and hard microspheres, it canenhance the hardness, scrub resistance and wear resistance of the coating.

4 inertia: Silicon carbide ceramicpowder is made of inert ingredients, which has the excellent features of durability,weather resistance, corrosion resistance and chemical resistance.

5 opacity: The spherical shape ofthe silicon carbide ceramic powder slows the light and scatters, increasing thecovering power of the coating.

6 no crystalline siliconpollution: unlike other filler, the content of crystalline silicon in thesilicon carbide ceramic powder is below the non-hazardous level. Such siliconcarbide ceramic powder is not considered a carcinogenic substance and does notrequire special hazards.