who are we

DXseals-us LLC is a branch of DX group. It was established in 1986 and is a professional manufacturer specializing in developing and producing silicon-carbide, carbon-graphite, hot-pressed graphite and correlative seal subassemblies.From our production base in Taizhou Zhejiang province, DX has dedicated over 500 full time staff and 80,000 square meters of facilities for production, testing and research area.

To promote technological innovation and introduction of talents, we maintain a long-term technical cooperation with Zhejiang University and the Shanghai Institute of Ceramics...

Our products

DXseals supply a kind of products, such as seal rings, bearing,

bulletproof armor, valve, wear-resistant parts and so on.

Mechanical Seal Rings/Faces

sic rings has some excellent features, such like great thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance.


Provided kinds of silicon carbide products, according to your drawings and requests.


Silicon carbide sand blasting nozzle is applied to do sandblasting mouth, water sand cut mouth and coal injection mouth for steel plants


Provided kinds of sleeves and bushings according to ypur drawings, widely used in machinery, mining, petrochemical, military.

Trading process
Technical Support

DX technical team can design kinds of sic products according to customers’ demands,

which are widely used in machinery, metallurgy, mining and other fields.

Cooperation Case
News and video
New Direction

Update Time:2017-03-30

DXseals was found in 1986, and has become on of the leading mechanical seal industrial manufacturer. Recent years, DX has already built three divisions, including Taizhou, Shanghai, U.k. In 2017, we are going to build another division in US.

Technical Parameters Of Kinds Of SIC

Update Time:2017-03-30

We have five types of sic, can select proper materials according to your demands.

Research Background And Market Trends Of Advanced Ceramics Material

Update Time:2017-03-30

With thedevelopment of modern high-tech, advanced ceramics has gradually become animportant part of new materials,, as well as the significant materials of thedevelopment of many high-tech fields.